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It’s Time to Stop Chasing and Start Choosing

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THE Problem

“The woman you choose as a partner is the most important decision you’ll ever make. But, a lot of guys make that decision without any training. Would you go into the boxing ring with a pro - without hiring a coach? No, you go to the guy who’s the best in that game and you learn as much as you can.

By getting good directions, you’ll have a big leg up. If you just to correct the mistakes that most make, you’d have much better outcomes.

But, if you don’t seek this out, it’s just not going to happen.

And that’s why I created Sigma. A place where guys can get good information and attract the right woman.”



For the men who want better results with women and more power in relationships. The girl you’re obsessing over? Time to make her yours. But, this time - she’s chasing you.

Most guys try to “learn by doing”, and end up getting bad results. Harming their confidence and creating a viscous cycle. As a result, quitting altogether.

But with the right information and effort, the cycle is reversed and snowballs in your favor. That’s what you’ll learn inside.

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Questions & Answers

Will this work for me?

It doesn't matter whether you’re short, dorky or got zero to your name. Dan can make you attractive to women. The way you do that is to trigger her to chase. When she’s chasing you, all your flaws vanish… so she doesn’t pull away and you can never be rejected.

Will this work for men of any ethnicity?

Dan's coached over 1,000 guys, who are from all over the world - Brazil, India, Poland, wherever! Those who apply the learnings get results, it's that simple.

Is the group private?

Sigma is a closed and private group where your membership will never be disclosed publicly. But you will find a safe, supportive environment within the membership platform.

Is there a guarantee?

All sales are final. If you can't afford it, please don't buy. This is for guys who are ready financially and emotionally to commit and take action.

What happens after 4 months of membership?

You get 4 months of Sigma Society membership included when you buy the Trigger Attraction Blueprint. After that, you can keep your Community membership going for $197/mo.

How quickly will I see results?

The main goal is to learn a new frame to approach women and the world. But most guys see results quickly, some a couple days, others it takes weeks or months. So join the weekly Relationship Clinics with Dan and the impact will be huge.

Will Dan Bilzerian be on the live coaching calls?

Yes, Dan and his coaches will be on the weekly Relationship Clinics. You will be able to submit questions and get personalized answers.

Do I need to be rich or spend money on lifestyle to make this work for me?

Short answer is no. Anyone can apply this framework and Trigger Women to Chase. There are many attraction triggers you'll learn, and money is only one of them, but there are many others that anyone can apply regardless of financial position, looks or social skills.

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