Matéria sobre gênios transcendentes


Além do amável convite que havíamos recebido de John H., agora fomos brindados com um convite ainda mais honroso, conforme segue:


De: John H. [mailto: (xxx)]
Enviada em: quinta-feira, 30 de abril de 2009 15:11
Para: Melao
Assunto: high IQ book project

Hi Melao:

Thank you in advance for your attention. As a professional writer for more than 30 years, I am following up on contacting you initially, to both befriend you as a highly gifted individual who may have interests similar to mine, and to ask you to participate in a book I am writing about genius of transcendent and transformative types. The two publishers negotiating with my book agent insist that I write a sample chapter, to insure that I can communicate my ideas to a broad, well-read audience. To that end, I am writing a chapter on education methods, which compares and contrasts formal, degree-oriented schooling with autodidactic, self-taught styles of learning.

I acknowledge that everyone’s time is valuable. I humbly ask those of you who choose to participate to answer a few questions with short answers about your education, both formal and informal studies. Answer any or all of the questions with capsule insights you wish to share in print, as you will be quoted. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. Please send responses to in the next two weeks or so.

1) What do you recall about your early education, from say ages 2 through 10? Anything vivid about it and were you in a safe and loving environment or a strife-ridden one?
2) What about your teenaged years? Any good or poor teachers who stand out? What about studies you engaged in on your own? What about IQ or other tests?
3) When did your passion for certain subjects emerge? How have you combined institutional studies with your own personal approach?
4) Which degrees do you have and from which institutions? How do you value those academic experiences?
5) Have there been key moments in your education that you wish to share?
6) Who have been the most important teachers you’ve enjoyed?
7) What about negative experiences in your education?
8) How do you feel about educating highly gifted individuals? Should they be integrated into the mainstream, or taught differently somehow?
9) Looking back, how would you have changed your educational process?
10) Looking forward, what are your plans for continuing your education?

Please include brief biographical information so readers so I can put your responses in context:

A) Where do you live?
B) Year you were born?
C) Married? Kids?
D) Profession?
E) Other key relationships?
F) Other information you wish to share about yourself?

Also, if you have questions for me, please do not hesitate to ask. This book will be a strongly collaborative effort. In the future, if you are a Facebook friend of mine, look for notes posted by me labeled “Attn: TSOG”. Those notes will be for you. If you are not on Facebook, I suggest you join the rest of us on this most powerful and convenient networking website. Thank you so much for your responses. I look forward to working with you again once the book is well underway.

Best regards,
John C. H.
Redondo Beach CA USA